The Blickle® Polyurethane ALBS Series: Superior Performance in Extreme Conditions

The Blickle® Polyurethane ALBS Series Superior Performance in Extreme Conditions

When it comes to extreme temperatures, you want casters and wheels that can stand up to anything. Blickle® is revered for its commitment to manufacturing reliable, high-quality casters for any and all applications, even for industries located in extreme temperatures. That’s why when Blickle developed a specialized caster for a biotech company, they accepted the challenge and engineered a product that remains reliable, durable, and performs optimally in temperatures as low as -70°.

The Best All-Weather, All-Temperature Casters and Wheels

What’s more, industries working in extreme temperatures have to contend with elements other than just drastic heat and cold. From dirt and mud to condensation, ice, corrosion, and rust, Blickle’s super durable FPOB 80×20/20-14K guide roller can take some serious punishment. This caster wheel is not only easy to clean and dirt-repellent, but it is also corrosion-resistant. Better yet, thanks to its tough polyurethane tread that is cast onto the synthetic wheel center, this model is resistant to hydrolysis. In other words, it is ideal for outdoor use in tough conditions like rain, wind, and even in extremely low temperatures.

When it comes down to it, the Blickle Polyurethane ALBS Series is a superior choice when you want a high-quality caster wheel that stands up to varying temperatures, climates, and weather. This series carries high loads at extreme temperatures ranging from hot and humid to below freezing, all while maintaining a low rolling resistance and a high dynamic load.

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