Types of Casters

A t Easy Casters, we make finding the perfect caster, well… easy. Select the perfect match for your needs by learning more about your options. When in doubt, get in touch with our team to learn about our custom options. 

Plate-Mount Casters

Plate casters are perfect for mobility in any setting. From heavy-duty industrial to modern designs, we create a wide variety to match your needs. Plate-mount casters spread out the distribution of the weight load, allowing these casters to carry heavier loads without a struggle. 

Stem-Mount Casters

If you have limited space on your item’s connection point, a stem-mount caster may be the perfect choice. From chair and table legs to medical equipment, this is the solution for you. Shop our collection today to find yours.

Vintage Casters

Function and beauty with a dash of personality — our vintage casters have the missing touch your furniture needs to create an exciting story. Use them for your furniture or to complement an antique. We encourage you to get creative!

Stainless Steel Casters

If you know your casters will come into regular contact with water, stainless steel is the best choice. Our corrosion-resistant materials can withstand even the harshest work environments. 

Custom Designed Casters

If we don’t have quite what you need, contact us. We’ll customize a caster option to fit your requirements, no matter how specific they may be.

Shop our collection today or reach out to learn more.