Selecting the Right Caster

There is no limit to the colors, combinations, and structures of casters you can choose from. The challenge is deciding which is the best fit. Consider the following when selecting your next set of casters:

Load Weight

What will you need to carry? The heavier you anticipate your load weight to be, the larger and more dense the wheel needs to be. The gross weight of a truck or dolly should be divided by the number of wheels or casters on which the weight is to be distributed. If you aren’t sure which would work for your needs, ask our specialists for guidance.

Floor Conditions

Your floor’s texture and common conditions will determine your wheel and caster performance. For example, if you casters will need to pass through water frequently, stainless steel is the best option. Contact our team for your practical match options.

Extreme Climates

Whether you work in the harsh cold or in sauna-like conditions, extreme temperatures pose potential challenges for most casters and wheels. We’ll guide you toward the right match for your operation. 

Rolling Ease

The larger your wheel’s diameter, the more solid the wheel material will need to be. This makes the roll much easier. However, there are many more factors that determine rolling ease. Let us know how often you’ll need to move your items from one location to the next and we’ll offer assistance.

When you need new casters to get the job done, we are here to help. Contact Easy Casters today for quality service with a smile.