Blickle® Casters for Smooth and Quiet Deliveries


If you’re a baker and you’re delivering your goods to your customers, you’re probably rolling in the dough (pun intended) on a baker’s rack. As with every aspect of your business, you want to display professionalism, and that goes all the way down to the quality of the equipment you use. If your racks have old or damaged casters and wheels, you might be experiencing a rough, noisy ride when pushing your bakery carts and racks over any surface, but especially uneven surfaces. Not only does this put you at risk of losing some of your baked goods if they’re being rattled off of the shelves, but you’re probably also making quite a bit of racket when you’re rolling over soft or rough surfaces. That’s where Blickle® Casters come in.  

Heavy Load Capacity. Smooth Glide. Quiet Movement.

Let’s face it, baker’s racks can be quite noisy. Roll these racks over rough surfaces such as cobblestone or brick, and you can bet your client will hear you coming from a mile away. In an effort to help a German bakery that was experiencing rough and loud mobility while rolling over cobblestone on deliveries, Blickle Casters came to the rescue. 

Blickle Bakery Casters for Unbeatable Noise Reduction and Durability

Blickle Casters offer the most effective solution for reducing noise when it becomes an issue. Not only do their casters and wheels offer low resistance with heavy loads, but they also stand up to high-temperatures that are commonplace in bakeries. What’s more, the easy pivot action of swivel casters means bakers can maneuver even the tightest corners with the utmost ease and maximum control.

When you’re looking for the best bakery casters, Blickle should be your first choice. Visit Easy Casters to find the best selection of casters and wheels for bakers!

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