Blickle® Industrial Casters: The Best Solution for Aviation Applications

2. Case Studies 11-08-2019

Blickle® proudly offers industrial casters with foot protection to easily and securely transport heavy and sensitive aircraft components with the least amount of resistance.

Blickle Industrial Casters with Foot Protection  

Safety, security, and low resistance when moving heavy components are essential for mobility and storage in the aviation industry. That’s why Blickle created casters with a foot pedal with a high-load capacity and optimal navigation capabilities for efficient maneuverability for transporting heavy loads with the least amount of resistance.

Easy Casters proudly offers a range of Blickle industrial casters that offer effective mobility solutions for aviation applications. Visit our extensive collection to explore your options, and connect with our helpful customer service team for assistance in finding the right caster for your business.  #aviation #EasyCasters #solutionsprovider