Case Study: Hydraulic Leveling Casters

Are you looking for stability without sacrificing transportability? Hydraulic leveling caster sets convert mobile equipment to stable work surfaces with just the turn of a handle.

Hydraulic-Powered Casters Offer Better Stability

Moving heavy objects can be a big challenge, especially when those objects are also oversized or bulky. Moving delicate or sensitive elements can be an even more complicated undertaking, no matter how large or small the objects in question are. Here at Easy Casters, we understand the frustration that comes with not having the right tools for the job. When you need to move delicate, sensitive, heavy, and/or bulky items, you need hydraulic leveling casters and wheels

See how our special solution helped a customer in the aerospace industry overcome issues in transporting heavy, sensitive aircraft components. A welded steel heavy duty four-wheeled caster with a heavy strong swivel head design was developed specifically for the customer’s needs. The hydraulic lift and stabilizing design helps ensure that even those extra-heavy components can be moved safely and more easily.

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