Blickle 4″ Swivel Caster 400 Lbs Load Capacity With Ball Bearing (C)


Swivel Caster

4″ x 1-9/16”

Load Cap:550 lbs

Ball Bearing (C)

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4″ Swivel Casters with 550 lbs Capacity and Ball Bearing Swivel Head

  • These 4″ swivel casters are made with Blickle Softhane® polyurethane elastomer wheels for easier, quieter movement.
  • The ball-bearing swivel head provides smooth rolling characteristics no matter the direction.

When you need medium-duty swivel casters, choose the option that does the heavy lifting for you. These 4″ swivel casters come with the backing of excellent German engineering. The specifically formulated polyurethane wheels are made for durability as well as a soft, quiet ride. The swivel head is set with a pressed steel ball bearing, providing multi-directional movement that can hold up against long-term wear. Find your ideal swivel casters and more with Easy Casters today!


  • 4″ x 1-9/16”
  • Load Capacity 550 lbs
  • Ball Bearing (C)

Additional information

Weight2.189 lbs
Dimensions4 × 2 × 4 in


Tread Material

Made of high-quality polyurethane-elastomer Blickle Softhane®.

Core Material

Made of die-cast aluminum. Casted tread.

Tread Color


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