A 16.5 ton load capacity is no problem for four Blickle GTH 750/120K wheels.


Blickle GTH 750/120K used for bridge construction

The Customer

The customer is one of the largest metal construction companies that is also very active in the bridge construction sector.

The Challenge

In the first construction stage of the bridge the steel skeleton for the road was fixed to the concrete pylons via steel cables. Currently, the skeletal structure of the road is poured with concrete, securing the steel cable anchoring.

Motor-powered formwork carriages with a length of 90 ft. and a width of 69 ft are used for pouring the concrete for the road. The formwork carriages have an empty weight of 72 tons. In each shift stretch, a formwork carriage is displaced by 39 ft.

For the drive system of the formwork carriages the customer wants to employ heavy-duty wheels that guide the vehicle along the road. The wheels must withstand enormous loads during this process.

Success-Story-19-SolutionOur Solution

The motor-powered formwork carriages were designed and manufactured by the customer in-house. Each vehicle was equipped with 10 heavy-duty wheels with Blickle Extrathane® tread because of the load capacity of each wheel.

The formwork carriage moves on four GTH 750/120K heavy-duty wheels with a load capacity of 16.5 tons as well as four additional GTH 406/50K with a load capacity of 5.5 tons. Side guidance is provided by two GTH 506/80K.

Product advantages & technical information:
• Use of Blickle heavy-duty wheels with Extrathane tread with 92° Shore A hardness.• To allow the vehicle to withstand the enormous loads, Blickle heavy-duty wheels of the GTH series were applied: the GTH 750/120K has a load capacity of 16.5 tons and GTH 406/50K has a load capacity of 5.5 tons
• Two GTH 506/80K were mounted on the formwork carriage for side guidance.