Blickle® Turbine Roller Solution: Improving Load Capacity, Efficiency, and Safety

Blickle® Turbine Roller Solution Improving Load Capacity, Efficiency, and Safety

In an effort to increase the load capacity of turbine rollers, Blickle’s engineers worked closely with a turbine manufacturing customer to develop an effective roller solution that increased the load capacity to 100 tons. 

Innovative Mobility Solutions for Wind Turbine Rollers

Prior to adopting this new solution, manufacturing wind turbine towers was much more complicated. The process involved cutting steel plates into segments, rolling them, and then welding them together. But in order to weld the segments together, each tubular segment would be placed on rotators that turned each individual segment so the pieces could be welded together, which was time-consuming. 

Not only has Blickle’s innovative solution increased the load capacity, but it has also helped to improve the efficiency and safety of manufacturing wind turbine towers. What’s more, the Blickle solution has made the rollers significantly less complicated to install when compared to the previous method of installing them using several individual wheels. The new turbine rollers have improved the way the forces are distributed, making it possible to use a thinner wheel axle, and thereby reducing costs tremendously. 

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