Blickle® Casters and Wheels: Commitment to Quality


At Blickle, “Made in Germany” stands for the highest quality in casters and wheels. In order to meet this requirement, the Blickle team tests each of their wheels and casters in their test laboratory on numerous test systems, so you get the best product, every time.

Better Design, Higher Quality

The Germans have a long-standing reputation for high-quality engineering. One only needs to take a look at the advanced mechanics of German automobiles to understand that this reputation has substance. The same idea carries over to Blickle’s range of casters and wheels. 


Each product is fully tested for durability and ease of use before it makes its way to the Blickle catalog. The Blickle in-house testing facility is there to put every one of our casters and wheels through its paces to make sure all our products can stand up to the heavy wear and tear that casters and wheels often face. 

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